Your one-stop shop for connected, payment-enabled wearables

G&D offers a one-stop shop for payment and security enablement for wearables to help our customers win the ‘war of the wrist.’ Our solutions:

  • Support all form factors from passive wearables to active and connected, full functional wearables
  • Integrate with relevant service providers to enable payments, access and authentication

The wearables market is growing rapidly but not without challenges. Devices are saturating the market with little differentiation of functionality, and the deployment can be expensive and complex. G&D’s Wearable Solutions overcome market obstacles to optimize revenues and time to market. Our offering capitalizes on our extensive experience in payment security, eSIM management and secure credential management.

G&D’s full solution offering includes devices, services and platforms for all customer segments. We work with and through known industry partners to provide:

  • Autonomous Use Cases
  • Contactless Payments
  • Secure Authentication and Credential Management
  • Value Add Connected Revenue Streams

Press Releases

Swatch Bellamy

G&D is the provider of the embedded smart card chip and the operating system that enable the first contactless payment watch in China: Bellamy, by the Swiss watchmaker Swatch.

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Fit Pay

The Fit Pay platform, in combination with G&D’s capabilities in embedded secure operating systems, applications and credentials lifecycle management, brings a complete end-to-end portfolio to Fit Pay’s prospective wearable device partners.

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End-to-End Solutions for Smart Wearables

Our solutions work with all major payment brands and safeguard secure payment for virtually any combination of consumer payment as well as OEM specifications for wearable devices.

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Swatch Becomes Smarter with G&D Embedded Chip

“…consumers will soon expect all of their wearable devices to support secure payments, authentication mechanisms and transit functions via contactless NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy.”

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Smart Band Powered by G&D Technology – Jie Pai

“…offers a wide range of social media features, and it can be connected to mobile phones, computers and tablets.”

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It is all about connectivity!

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Smart Payment Wearables and AppWorld/TSM Solution

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Samsung Gear S2 Voucher Activation

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eSIM Management Solution – Master Device

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